Madhav Agro Food Pvt. Ltd. as successfully developed the brand Pasand Pickles assuring quality. We are one of the leading pickle manufacturer located in Vadodara, Gujarat - India. We manufacture curried paste, chutney, sweet and lime pickles. We suffice the Indian blend of taste in pickles. Baroda Jambusar Highway, Dabhasa,
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Our sweet pickles like ….. Shall shower you with mature, ripe, savoury , mild flavour of spices with the fresh delicious and lovely crunchiness of mango pieces, diced mangoes, grated mango shreds, dates, lemons, etc. They simply melt in mouth

Our hot & spicy pickles like……. Shall sorround you with fiery, piquant, hot and pungent flavour of spices with fruits and veggies like mangoes, carrots, gumberry. Over and above the green chillies and red chillies shall besiege you in scorching flames of hotness which one would not like to escape from. With a degree of hotness that even children and adults appreciate the relatively low salt content in these products make the products high in demand

Our exotic pickles serve the gourmand with robust, astringent and seasoned taste of the particular spice, fruit or vegetable just like a vassal serving his master with utmost dignity.